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    The link online: http://maggitod.com/

    Maggi, a Nestle company wanted to attend one of the biggest food festivals in Dubai called Taste Of Dubai. They were promoting the Maggi products by having an open kitchen at their stand where they would encourage people to cook and taste their products. They also had a huge pinboard behind their stand where they asked people to take selfies/photos and share it on social media with hashtag #maggiArabia. They used ScribbleLive automatically to fetch these photos from Twitter and Instagram and instantly display on the Pinboard that was behind them.
    This is from our client Snack Media. They used ScribbleLive's pinboard to cover the European festival awards at the event.

    Close up.  
    On occasion of the GP of Monza Ferrari invited fans in Villa Reale for a Q&A with the Drivers and the Team Principal. 
    The broadcasting was done by Sky Italia, using the question selected manually with our social curation from twitter.
    Every 10 seconds the order of the pins was refreshed thanks to a script created by ScribbleLive's implementation team. 

    SportChek in Canada has launched their Social Media Community walls at their flagship locations. They are on display behind the cash register – which they dub as “Cash Walls”. These Cash Walls show a constant stream of content powered by Social as well as their newly hired team of Community Managers who are tasked with keeping the content fresh and up to date. These streams have the content scrolling by so they are always in motion - all powered by ScribbleLive.

    Financial Times exhibition coverage. This pinboard was projected around the venue at this event, it is a social wall collecting content manually from Twitter sources.  
    Public broadcasting network ARD in Germany used the pinboard to display tweets at their stand at the DLD in Munich - the biggest digital publisher summit in the world.
    Their screen was split between live broadcasts of the current speakers and the Scribble stream with tweets and comments on the right hand side.  
    The European Union had an "Open Door Day" for the public where visitors could pose questions and comments. 
    A one-column cubicle view of a Scribble Stream at a conference at the city convention centre in Toronto.
    Ravinia is an outdoor music festival in the US. They used Scribble for their Lawn Screen Concerts where they displayed social content pulled in via hashtag but moderated by the event organizers as well as news updates on the concerts and interesting information for visitors.

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